Ultimate Team TOTW: Week 2 (10/31/17)

Week 2 of the NBA season is now in the books. To commemorate some of the top performances from this past week, NBA Live Ultimate Team has released their new Team of the Week selections. Al-Farouq Aminu, Otto Porter, Victor Oladipo, Al Horford, and DeMarcus Cousins TOTW player items are now LIVE and available in packs. As always, you can play the new 5 game TOTW solos against each honorees’ team to earn a TOTW reward pack featuring 1 of the new 5 TOTW players. The LUT player database has also been updated with the new content.   Leave any comments about the new TOTW items down below.

One Comment on “Ultimate Team TOTW: Week 2 (10/31/17)”

  1. Happy Halloween LUTHeads! Ion know about this weeks TOTW. Personally not interested in any of them. My bigs need to be board snatchers & blockers, and bullies in the paint. Cool content, just nothing im interested in.

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