The Society Network


We here at NBA Live Society strive to provide the community with an enhanced NBA Live experience.  We are proud to unveil our biggest most ambitious project to date, The Society Network.  Our goal is to create an entire network of NBA Live gamers making it easy for people from around the world to connect, collaborate, and compete.  Once you are registered and complete your profile you are on your way to enjoying a whole new suite of features from our site.


Create your own Society Network profile with all your NBA Live info including which consoles you are on, your gamertags, the game modes you play, a list of your created players, and more.  Customize your profile with your own profile photo and cover image.  Set up e-mail notifications in “Settings” to customize your experience even further.  The first thing you should do immediately after registering and signing in for the first time is to navigate to My Profile -> Edit -> My NBA Live and complete as much of the  your profile as possible as this will ensure the best Network experience for you and others.

Friends Lists

Send friend requests to other Society Network members to create your own friends list making it easier to keep in contact with the people you talk to the most.   Your friends list is accessible from your main profile page.


Send messages to other Society Network members either publicly or privately with near real time results.  Recieve message notifications no matter where you are on the site at the time and reply with ease.  Group messaging is also available.


Join groups to connect with other like minded NBA Live players.  We have LFG groups available if you are searching for players to team up with in Live Run 3v3, 5v5, and Live Events.  Post messages directly in groups and reply to others messages easily.  Invite your friends and other members to join your favorite groups.  Once joined, a list of your groups can be found on your main profile page making them easy to access.  More groups will become available according to Society Network members’ requests.


Post and reply to topics in our NBA Live forums.  Forum categories include general discussion, technical issues, wishlists, player likeness feedback, ultimate team, live events, and more.  We also have forums to leave general feedback about our website.  You also have the ability to subscribe to specific forums and topics to stay updated  on all new posts.  A list of forums/topics you are subscribed to can be found on your main profile page for easy access.

Activity Stream

Check the Activity Stream  to keep up with all the latest action from across the entire Society Network.  When viewing the Activity Stream you are able to narrow the list by My Friends, My Groups, and Mentions.  You can also refine the list by only viewing specific activities such as New Members, New Groups, Group Updates, and more.


Search the entire Society Network member directory to find other NBA Live players to link up with.  Define your search with any profile criteria to find exactly who you are looking for.  Looking for someone that plays 3v3 on PS4, has a Rim Protector, and a mic?  Find-a-Player makes it easy to do just that.

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We hope you enjoy all the new features we are attempting to provide through The Society Network.  All we ask from you is to please be respectful to other Society Network members.  Trash talk is fine as it comes with the territory but harassment will not be tolerated.

This is a brand new venture for us so if you encounter any issues, bugs, etc. or would like to provide suggestions and feedback concerning The Society Network please feel free to contact us through email, our forums dedicated to website feedback, or through Twitter  @NBALiveSociety.

-NBA Live Society