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Anything involving Rookies can be found here. You can find an explanation of the Rookie Ladder Program as well as the latest solo challenges and content releases.

Team of the Week

All Team of the Week info can be found here.  Keep up to date on the latest solos and who the newest players are that have earned  a TOTW upgrade.


Anything related to NBA Legends and Hall of Famers can be found here. Check for info on Master Legends, the latest Legend solos, and all the weekly Legend player releases to date. 


New Playstyle players are added weekly.  Check here to keep up on the latest Playstyle players added to packs as well as any new Playstyle solos.

Featured UT Packs/Bundles

Check here to see what Packs and Bundles are currently available for purchase in the LUT Store. 

Player Database

The biggest, most complete, NBA Live Ultimate Team Player Database you will find anywhere.  Check here to search from over 650+ player entries with the option to sort players by any category or rating.  Find all the Hero rewards, TOTWs, Rookies, etc.  right here.